Tampa City Council Favors Environment Over Development

On Thursday, June 28, Tampa City Council unanimously denied an amendment that would have allowed residential land use in the waters north of Rocky Point Island. This decision was critical to stopping a developer’s plans to fill in the water for townhouse development. Tampa City Council also directed staff to clarify policy language prohibiting future dredge and fill projects for residential development. This follows a similar directive passed two weeks ago by the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners based on Commissioner Murman’s motion to “add policy language to the comprehensive plan that prohibits the development of submerged lands.” All three of the above motions carried with unanimous votes. All are big wins.

The outpouring support from our community in the form of photos, research, contacts, and financial contributions made the difference. Those who donated minutes, presented to the council, or overflowed the chambers and hallways with their presence made the difference. Council members were amazed by our group’s determination, staying power, and sheer size. An equally strong message was sent to this applicant and others who might want to follow in his footsteps.